Do you have a Vitamin G deficiency?

September 25, 2018

Symptoms of Vitamin G deficiency:

  • feeling overwhelmed
  • anxiousness
  • depression
  • aggression
  • insomnia
  • negativity
  • despair
  • victimhood

I made a rookie mistake when I initially started taking supplements and I hope that this post will prevent you from making that same mistake. I would wake up every morning determined to make the best of my day. I’d start with my full glass of water and handful of supplements and take them one by one. Probiotic: check. Vitamin D3 with K2: check. Magnesium: check. ATP-1 packet: check.

I would continue about my day and do the other things that I felt would assist me in feeling my best. I would juice and try to get in my daily dose of exercise, water, and adequate sleep. Little did I know that I was overlooking the most important vitamin of all – Vitamin G… Gratitude. Taking a daily dose of Vitamin G greatly benefits our mental and spiritual heath, and ultimately has a big effect on our physical health as well. In order to be completely well and whole we need to address more than just the physical body.

We are made up of three parts: The body, mind and spirit. I’ve learned that the mind and spirit actually play an even more important role in our well-being than the body. I would even go as far as to say that an individual can be the healthiest version of themselves physically, yet still not be complete and whole without addressing their mind and spirit. More evidence is beginning to support this truth and show us that wellness is primarily an inside job.

When we practice true gratitude, we begin to shift the focus from the negative to the positive. Sometimes we aren’t aware of how negative we really are. We like to perceive ourselves as positive people. By not only focusing on the things we are saying, but being aware of the things we are thinking, we will begin to see a shift in our behavior. Have you ever experienced buying a new vehicle that you thought was unique, and then all of sudden you start seeing that particular vehicle every where? That is the concept I am talking about here. What we focus on becomes even more obvious in our lives and begins showing up in places we aren’t expecting. The more we think and talk about the negative things, the more we see them in our lives. The opposite is also true. The more we express love and gratitude in our lives, the more we will begin to see the positive and attract good things to us.

I, like many of you reading this post, thought I had gratitude in my life. I mean, I am thankful. However, an occasional “dose” of gratitude once a week or so only masks the symptoms. The required dose to truly correct a Vitamin G deficiency is a continual practice of gratitude, a way of life. New studies have shown that a life of gratitude promotes good self-discipline, frees us from emotional pain, heals childhood wounds, makes us more able to reach our goals, and ultimately leads to a life of happiness.

If you’re ready to overcome your Vitamin G deficiency, here are some ways to help you cultivate gratitude in your life:

• Start each day by writing down five things you are grateful for
• Create a gratitude journal
• Repeat affirmations about thankfulness
• Write a letter of thanks to someone that you are grateful for
• Prayers and Praise of thankfulness

Developing this continual practice of gratitude has the power to change your life. By implementing any of these five things, you will see how quickly change will start to happen. I would love to hear how you practice gratitude in your daily life and the benefits you have seen.

Take responsibility for your health. Be Well. Be Whole. #thereisabetterway

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